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The goal of Mini soccer is to give young, beginner players a chance to have fun and learn the game in a low-pressure environment that emphasizes building confidence and knowledge of the game through lots of playing time. We want to promote maximum touches on the ball, so the teams and field will be kept small as recommended by the US Soccer Federation's best practices guidelines.


1. A parent or guardian must accompany each player at every practice and game.

2. Field # 1A is the near field and Field #1B is the far field.

3. The Home (vs.) and Away (@) designations are listed on the schedule.  The Home Team is responsible for putting up nets and pylons.  The Home Team Parents that are going to set-up need to arrive at 8:45 AM.

4. The Away Team is responsible for providing a parent to serve as the game referee if a Young Adult is unavailable to referee.  All fouls and infractions should be called and explained to the players (instructional league).     

5. All hand balls will be called a penalty. No exceptions.

6. No penalty kicks, in the event that a foul or infraction is committed near a goal, the ball will be moved away from the goal.

7. Throw ins from the sidelines. Two hands are required. No other infractions will be enforced.  A player may not throw the ball into a goal from a sideline throw in.

8. Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) Rules will be followed with the exception of rules listed herein.

9. All players and coaches must be present at least twenty (15) minutes prior to their game starting time (9:00 am).

10. Player Announcements start at 9:15 am and the Game will start immediately after they have been completed.

11. Each game is 4 quarters. Each quarter is 7 minutes (running clock), 3 minute break between quarters and 5 minute break at halftime.   Only 6 players per team are permitted on the field (6 vs. 6). No goalies.  Every player must wear their team issued shirt/jersey.

12. No substitutions during a quarter unless a stronger player is being removed from the game to prevent the player from scoring or a player become injured.  Every player must play 2 quarters - no exceptions.

13.  The Mini Soccer League does not have a mercy rule but all coaches should position strong players as defenders and instruct them not to advance past half field or remove them from the game if their team is ahead by 4 or more goals. 

14. No Coaches allowed on the field.  

15. 3rd Quarter - Coaches may only play their less aggressive and less experienced players in the 3rd quarter. 

16.All fans, to include parents, will be on one sideline and the players and coaches, along with one team parent, will be on the opposite sideline.